The history of Congers, New York includes the background of Clarkstown, Rockland County, the Hudson River, and Haverstraw. The first recorded event involving European settlement and exploration is Henry Hudson’s journey on his ship, the Half Moon, up the Hudson River. The purpose of his journey was to find the Northwest Passage which is a sea route through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Hudson made his journey in 1608 and dropped anchor in the area of present-day Haverstraw.

The first settlers in the area of today’s Rockland County and Congers were the Dutch who came in 1675 seeking a place to live awayCongers History from the city. Many of them were living in Manhattan prior to their settling in this area. Originally, this area was part of Orange County which was one of 12 New York counties designated by the Duke of York in 1683. Later, in 1719, the town of Haverstraw branched out and gained its official designation in 1788. Clarkstown, which includes Congers, was part of Haverstraw.

The area around Congers, New York is significant in the history of the American Revolution because the Hudson River was identified as critical to British domination of the colonies. Conflicts such as the Battle of Stony Point took place in this region and names such as General “Mad” Anthony Wayne and General George Washington became associated with other heroes of the revolution.

Originally, Congers was known as Cedar Grove Corner when it was settled by the Dutch, German, and English toward the end of the 17th century. Another name Congers was known as was Waldberg which is German for “forest mountain”. is managed by the corporation of Website Advertising Ltd.